Searching characters in a String in Java.

Jai Janardhan
Published on 09-Feb-2018 16:03:18
You can search for a particular letter in a string using the indexOf() method of the String class. This method which returns a position index of a word within the string if found. Otherwise it returns -1.Examplepublic class Test {    public static void main(String args[]) {       ... Read More

Why string objects are immutable in java?

Published on 09-Feb-2018 15:54:51
In general, strings are used to represent the vital details like database connection urls, username passwords etc. The immutability of strings helps to keep such details unchanged. Similarly String is used as argument while loading the class. At that time change in the string may result in loading the wrong ... Read More

Upgraded to connector 3.0 is not working in Visual Studio 2008 and 2010

Samual Sam
Published on 19-Dec-2017 13:05:41
Note that connector doesn’t work similar to 2.0 connector. There are lot many changes- good and bad provisioned in .net 3.0 version.This is SAP documentation link about general capabilities of connector: 10000000a421937/frameset.htmSAP .NET Connector 3.0 is the current version of SAP's development environment for communication between the Microsoft ... Read More

What is the append method in Java?

Published on 09-Feb-2018 15:53:27
The append(char c) method of the java.lang.StringBuffer appends the string representation of the char argument to this sequence. The argument is appended to the contents of this sequence. The length of this sequence increases by 1.Example Live Demoimport java.lang.*; public class StringBufferDemo {    public static void main(String[] args) {   ... Read More

Can anyone help me about integration of Hybris with SAP ERP?

Monica Mona
Published on 19-Dec-2017 17:22:13
Many companies have an on-premise solution that contains master data, customer and product information, and pricing data. Details from SAP ECC system is required when opportunities are won and the sales order is generated.Following are the key reasons why an integration is required with SAP ERP and CRM system −To ... Read More

How can I check if user has an authorization for T-Code or not in SAP system?

Samual Sam
Published on 19-Dec-2017 17:36:11
To check if a user has authorization for T-code or not you can use Transaction SUIM. You can manage user permissions using different ways like profile assignment via a single role, collective roles that contain single roles, etc. Below shows SUIM transaction that opens User Information System as below:You can also ... Read More

Combining LIKE and CONTAINS operator in SAP HANA

Samual Sam
Published on 21-Dec-2017 14:03:20
The code you are using \1+ just removes consecutive occurrences only. You can use the below code.SELECT REPLACE_REGEXPR('(.)(?=.*\1)' IN '22331122' WITH '' OCCURRENCE ALL)  FROM DUMMYThe output will come out to be “312”. This will remove all multiple occurrences and only last one will be kept.

Passing multiple parameters in SAP BO Webi report

Johar Ali
Published on 28-Dec-2017 15:03:37
An open document URL is constructed as follow −http://<servername>:<port>/OpenDocument/opendoc/<platformSpecific>?<parameter1>&<parameter2>&...&<parameterN>With use of SAP Business Objects API, you can query each prompt- single value or multiple value. When you build URL, you may have to include parameter types.You can join parameters with the ampersand (&) and you shouldn’t use space with & ... Read More

What does the method addElement(E obj) do in java?

Rishi Raj
Published on 05-Jan-2018 10:16:23
The addElement(E obj) method is used to add the specified component to the end of this vector and increasing its size by one. The capacity of this vector is increased if its size becomes greater than its capacity. This addElement() method is identical in functionality to the add(Object) method. The add() method returns true/false ... Read More

Append a single character to a string or char array in java?

Paul Richard
Published on 09-Feb-2018 15:50:01
The append() method in the StringBuffer class adds the specified String to the contents of the current String buffer. Using this method you can append a single character to a string or char array in java.Examplepublic class Test {    public static void main(String args[]) {       StringBuffer ... Read More