Can a constructor be overridden in java?

Sai Subramanyam
Published on 28-Dec-2017 16:31:25
If super class and sub class have same methods including name, return type and parameters, and if you try to call it using the object of the sub class Then the method in the sub class is invoked. Constructor looks like method but it is not. It does not have ... Read More

Can constructors be marked final, abstract or static in Java?

Lakshmi Srinivas
Published on 28-Dec-2017 16:30:04
Except public, protected and, private constructor does not allow any other modifier. When you use a final keyword with a method or constructor it cannot be overridden. But, a constructor in Java cannot be overridden therefore, there is no need of using the final keyword with the constructor. Since ... Read More

Does a constructor have a return type in Java?

Monica Mona
Published on 28-Dec-2017 16:27:26
No, constructor does not have any return type in Java. Constructor looks like method but it is not. It does not have a return type and its name is same as the class name. Mostly it is used to instantiate the instance variables of a class. If the programmer doesn’t ... Read More

Can a class in Java be both final and abstract?

Samual Sam
Published on 28-Dec-2017 15:56:48
An abstract cannot be instantiated. Therefore to use an abstract class you need to create another class and extend the abstract class and use it. If a class is final you can’t extend it further. So, you cannot declare a class both final and abstract. Example Still if you try ... Read More

Can a final class be subclassed in Java?

Sai Subramanyam
Published on 28-Dec-2017 15:54:49
The final modifier for finalizing the implementations of classes, methods, and variables. The main purpose of using a class being declared as final is to prevent the class from being subclassed. If a class is marked as final then no class can inherit any feature from the final class. You ... Read More

How to divide a string by line break or period with Python regular expressions?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 28-Dec-2017 17:45:19
The following code splits given string by a period and a line break as followsExampleimport re s = """Hi. It's nice meeting you. My name is Jason.""" result = re.findall(r'[^\s\.][^\.\n]+', s) print resultOutputThis gives the following output['Hi', "It's nice meeting you", 'My name is Jason']Read More

How can I match the start and end in Python's regex?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 28-Dec-2017 17:24:56
We have the given string ‘TestCountry Hello’. To match and print that part of the string which starts and ends with characters ‘T’ and ‘y’ respectively we use the findall method of module re , word boundary anchor \b and non-whitespace character \S in the regex:Exampleimport re result = re.findall(r"\bT\S+y\b", ... Read More

How do I do a case insensitive string comparison in Python?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 28-Dec-2017 16:13:54
The following code is an example of case insensitive string comparison in Python.Examplestring1 = 'Star Wars' string2 = 'star wars' if string1.lower() == string2.lower():     print "The strings are case insensitive" else:     print "The strings are not case insensitive"OutputThis code gives the following outputThe strings are case ... Read More

How regular expression modifiers work in Python?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 28-Dec-2017 16:04:17
Regular expression literals may include an optional modifier to control different aspects of matching. The modifiers are specified as an optional flag. You can provide multiple modifiers using exclusive OR (|), and may be represented by one of these −The following is a list of different re modifiers and their ... Read More

Moving SAP client from one system to other

Ankitha Reddy
Published on 27-Dec-2017 17:46:05
You can also create a copy of the existing clients between local and remote system IDs. Follow the below steps to create a copy of existing clients − Step 1 − To create a copy of a client in local SID, the transaction code is SCCL. Step 2 − ... Read More