What is the career prospect in drone technology?

Dev Kumar
Published on 04-Jan-2019 10:22:12
Jobs in drone technology-driven enterprises are the jobs of the future because drones are going to play a very crucial role across a large number of industries in future. Many youngsters think that jobs in the drone domain involve just engineering and technological openings but the fact is there are ... Read More

What can you use a personal drone for?

Dev Kumar
Published on 04-Jan-2019 10:19:47
When drones were growing in popularity in the early stages of their evolution, their only real use at the personal level was leisure and entertainment. They were expensive toys for teenage kids more than anything else. It was the US military that is really responsible for nurturing drone technology to ... Read More

How will drones help improve the security?

Dev Kumar
Published on 04-Jan-2019 10:17:47
Proper security involves all-around surveillance or observation of people, their behavior and actions, immovable property like land and building as well as movable property stationed there. Surveillance is generally conducted with the help of methods that either have limited mobility or are stationary like, CCTV cameras, GPS tracking dependent on ... Read More

What is Light Based Key Distribution System and how is it useful?

Dev Kumar
Published on 04-Jan-2019 10:15:36
The light-based key distribution system for quantum encryption is a secure communication method. It enables two parties to produce a shared random secret key which is known only to them and it can be used for encryption and decryption of the message by both the parties. Two communicating users can ... Read More

What are the career prospects in VFX?

Dev Kumar
Published on 04-Jan-2019 10:13:13
Career prospects in the VFX (Visual Effects) industry are enormous, especially in a country like India which not only has a huge domestic market for VFX-enriched content in its mass media entertainment programs but is also a massive base for VFX job work for the global entertainment industry.The Right SoilIndia ... Read More

What are the 42 mobile apps China is allegedly using to spy on the Indian forces?

Dev Kumar
Published on 04-Jan-2019 10:10:18
The IB (Intelligence Bureau) which is the premier intelligence services department of the Government of India has identified a number of mobile apps including many that are developed by Chinese companies. Here's a list of 28 apps that the Digital IT Cell of the Government of India has identified as ... Read More

Is China spying on India through mobile apps?

Dev Kumar
Published on 04-Jan-2019 10:08:34
Yes, China is spying on India through different mobile apps that many of the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers offer on the phones they sell in India. It's easy to anticipate how the Chinese government would have reacted if such malicious applications were sourced from Indian mobile phone companies operating in ... Read More

What is India’s position in the world as a producer of renewable or ‘Green’ energy? What is the future of renewable energy in India?

Dev Kumar
Published on 04-Jan-2019 10:01:06
The initiatives being taken by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy are in the proper direction of the government's aim of clean energy. The NDA government, right from the time it came into power, is in pursuit of reducing the overdependence on the coal-fueled power generation. Wind energy accounts ... Read More

What is Interleaving?

Ankith Reddy
Published on 04-Jan-2019 07:27:21
Interleaving is a tool that is used to enhance existing error correcting codes so that they can be used to perform burst error corrections as well.Most error correcting codes (ECCs) are designed to correct random errors, i.e. error caused by additive noise that is independent of each other. Burst error ... Read More

What is a Parity Bit?

Arjun Thakur
Published on 04-Jan-2019 07:23:19
A parity bit is a check bit, which is added to a block of data for error detection purposes. It is used to validate the integrity of the data. The value of the parity bit is assigned either 0 or 1 that makes the number of 1s in the message ... Read More