What should I prefer to connect to SAP HANA database- extended services or other ODBC technique?

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:11:32
As you had already mentioned that extended services are natively integrated with HANA, so it’s going to be easier to use against HANA but as it is native to HANA only it can’t be used elsewhere.  It will be faster when you compare it against ODBC because the extra step ... Read More

Does Process before output and process after input initiate commits in ABAP?

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:10:02
Yes, the PBO-PAI triggers commit so your requirement will fail. You need to make changes to your current implementation to avoid the auto-commit.

What are the available options for Data integration in SAP?

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:09:12
Yes, there exists an equivalent. You can go for using SAP HANA Smart Data Integration also known as SDI. It is a standard offering of SAP for data integration.  You don’t require any additional infrastructure for this, like a separate server or other. There are lots of blogs and online ... Read More

How to perform repetitive aggregation over a field in a SAP HANA table?

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:08:41
The logic is pretty simple. You can define a local variable which is used for storing the total sum of all the groups. When you are performing iteration for each group, you can add the sum at the group level to the local variable.I am not suggesting code as it ... Read More

What does an InfoStore refer to in SAP BO?

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:07:20
Basically Infostore refers to the metadata about Objects and in BO terms – infoobject. An infoobject is basically an entity in SAP business Object universe. It can be a report or a user or an event as well.For E.g.: if we are speaking about an employee so an employee has ... Read More

How to upload a big CSV file in SAP Hybrid mobile app quickly?

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:06:25
As you said you are using the hot folder concept, you need to ensure that the proper threads are being used at every moment for any operation.By default, the number of threads used for import is one. To be more technical, impex.import.workers thread is one if not set explicitly. Since ... Read More

Executing SAP RFC creates an error: “The current application triggered a termination with a short dump”

Published on 25-Dec-2017 18:57:44
This is very generic error and it could be due to any reason: code error, inconsistency in data, or some other issue. You can use T-Code: ST22 to check short dump message in SAP system.This is used to check ABAP Runtime errors- All Client. You need to pass the filter ... Read More

In SAP Crystal Reports, Putting 2 pages of data into a single report

Published on 25-Dec-2017 18:53:46
You can do this by adding a group based on participant Id as primary key. Then you have to add ran description in group footer.In your group footer settings, check the "New page before" option

In SAP system, auto filling of NAME_1 while entering client number

Published on 25-Dec-2017 18:51:25
You should use maintenance view to display name corresponding to customer number. With use of Maintenance view, you can maintain related data in several tables. Check out this link to know more about Maintenance view:SAP LinkTo perform a check for the mandatory, edit the generated screen and in screen flow ... Read More

Automating SAP Purchase Request via Eclipse with use of QTP10

Published on 25-Dec-2017 18:46:49
Note that Eclipse UI is JAVA based so you can automate Eclipse using QTP Java add-ins.To perform QTP Java add-in, Go to Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs and select Quickest Professional from the list. Click on Change button.To perform add-in installation, click on small black down arrow next ... Read More