Is there any tool that can convert an XSD file to a Python class as JAXB does for Java?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 29-Jan-2018 12:00:04
I would recommend generateDS for converting a XSD file to a Python class . In my opinion, it is a good tool for the said purpose.It (generatS) generates the Python class with all methods (setters and getters, export to XML, import from XML). It does a good job and works ... Read More

How does class variables function in multi-inheritance Python classes?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 29-Jan-2018 11:53:01
A class can be derived from more than one base classes in Python. This is called multiple inheritance.In multiple inheritance, the features of all the base classes are inherited into the derived class. The syntax for multiple inheritance is similar to single inheritance.class Super1:     pass class Super2:   ... Read More

What is the proper way to define a global variable that has class scope in python?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 29-Jan-2018 11:13:03
The following code shows use of global variable in class scope.Exampleclass Foo(object):     bar = 2 foo = Foo() print, print, # setting would not change class attribute bar # but will create it in the instance = 3 print, print, # to ... Read More

How do I declare a global variable in Python class?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 29-Jan-2018 10:58:08
A global variable is a variable with global scope, meaning that it is visible and accessible throughout the program, unless shadowed. The set of all global variables is known as the global environment or global scope of the program. We declare a variable global by using the keyword global before a ... Read More

How I can create Python class from JSON object?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 29-Jan-2018 10:23:31
We can use python-jsonschema-objects which is built on top of jsonschema.The python-jsonschema-objects provide an automatic class-based binding to JSON schemas for use in Python.We have a sample json schema as followsschema = '''{     "title": "Example Schema",     "type": "object",     "properties": {         ... Read More

What's the best place for python classes in a Django project?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 29-Jan-2018 09:59:13
You can put said class where you want.exampleproject   foo      qux.pyThen you can import your module by using import.from import *Making directory is better when you are dealing with a large number of files. For example −project     foo ... Read More

How to serialize a Python class?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 25-Jan-2018 18:35:45
Object serialization and deserialization are a routine aspect of any non-trivial Python program. Saving to a file, reading a configuration file, responding to an HTTP request, all involve object serialization and deserialization. Serialization and deserialization involve various schemes, formats and protocols to stream Python objects and to get them back later ... Read More

How to convert a string to a Python class object?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 25-Jan-2018 17:29:10
Given a string as user input to a python function, I'd like to get a class object out of it if there's a class with that name in the currently defined namespace.Exampleclass Foobar:     pass print eval("Foobar") print type(Foobar)Output __main__.Foobar <type 'classobj'> Another way to convert a string to ... Read More

How to Scroll to the top of the page using JavaScript/ jQuery?

Published on 25-Jan-2018 13:05:30
ExampleLive Demo<html>    <body>       <script>          $("a").click(function() {             $("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, "slow");             return false;          });       </script>       <h3>TOP OF PAGE</h3>   ... Read More

How to use setInterval function call in JavaScript?

Akshaya Akki
Published on 25-Jan-2018 13:00:44
The setInterval() method is JavaScript is used to evaluate an expression at intervals. Here’s the syntax:setInterval(function, interval_in_milliseconds, param1, param2, param3...)Here, interval_in_milliseconds sets the intervals in milliseconds, after the code will execute.param are the optional parameters, which is passend to the function.ExampleYou can try to run the following code to use ... Read More