What are the differences between json and simplejson Python modules?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 20-Dec-2017 11:46:56
json is simplejson, added to the stdlib. But since json was added in 2.6, simplejson has the advantage of working on more Python versions (2.4+).simplejson is also updated more frequently than Python. Although they are the same, the version included in the stdlib doesn't include the latest optimizations. So if ... Read More

What is Agentry Toolkit in SAP Mobile Platform SMP 3.0 SDK? How do you use it in an application?

Monica Mona
Published on 19-Dec-2017 16:59:29
Agentry toolkit provides various SDK’s to integrate with the various mobile component. With Agentry toolkit, you have a plugin to Eclipse that allows you to create modify Agentry applications.To know more about Agentry toolkit, you can refer the below SAP link:https://help.sap.com/doc/f1944845cb7b4cb886ebfbd5fa720c64/3.0.14/en-US/7c03a69470061014a336f33ca4dd4413.htmlRead More

Finding CUID in a SAP BO Webi report in Formula Editor

Rahul Sharma
Published on 20-Dec-2017 10:27:27
In Business Object, a CUID is a key to identify Universe or report in the same cluster when you publish an object first time in the repository. CUID is part of metadata stored in repository and data actually exists in the report.I don’t think you can find CUID from a ... Read More

Error while using enter "!" on selection screen in SAP.

Samual Sam
Published on 19-Dec-2017 16:56:18
Note that “!” this character removes all characters in the field before data is transported. So you get error message cos of this.

What is the difference between event.preventDefault() and return false in jQuery?

Amit D
Published on 20-Dec-2017 11:41:26
Returning false from jQuery event handlers is like calling both preventDefault() and stopPropagation(). The preventDefault() method prevents the browser from executing the default action.ExampleYou can try to run the following code to run event.preventDefault() method in jQuery −Live Demo<html>    <head>       <title>jQuery preventDefault() method</title>     ... Read More

Explain the difference between getColumnHeaders(), getColumnNames() and getColumnTitles() in SAP?

Sai Subramanyam
Published on 19-Dec-2017 16:54:05
getColumnHeaders() − This function is used to return all the columns which are theoretically available. getColumnNames() − This function is used to return a list of columns displayed in a tree getColumnTitles() − This function returns same number of columns as returned by getColumnHeaders()

Using VBA macro to call an ABAP code

Amit Sharma
Published on 20-Dec-2017 10:22:40
Please try using below script −Dim sapConn As Object \\Declaring a connection object Set sapConn = CreateObject("SAP.Functions") \\Creating an ActiveX object sapConn.Connection.user = "username" sapConn.Connection.Password = "xxxx" sapConn.Connection.client = "client#" sapConn.Connection.ApplicationServer = "Application Server” sapConn.Connection.Language = "PT" If sapConn.Connection.Logon(0, True) <> True Then //Checking connection here    MsgBox ... Read More

Equivalent for Row_Number() in SAP ABAP

Published on 20-Dec-2017 10:01:01
When you want to modify the contents and store them into table and also to add a column for the value, use something likeDATA: my_string TYPE StringLOOP AT itab INTO wa_itab. my_string = sy-tabix. CONCATENATE some_text my_string more_text into wa_itab-my_field. MODIFY itab FROM wa_itab. CLEAR my_string. ENDLOOP.Read More

Writing a material on SAP system via .NET Connector

Johar Ali
Published on 20-Dec-2017 10:55:14
Once you create material, you need to call BAPI- BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT. “BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT” is called to COMMIT a database operation. As COMITT statement can’t be called inside BAPI, we call this BAPI to complete COMMIT.Let us say you are editing some table fields in BAPI- as per failure or success, you can ... Read More

Suppressing the page header till the last page in SAP Crystal Reports 2008

Samual Sam
Published on 18-Dec-2017 17:17:36
I think you would require to use “OnLastRecord” keyword for page header suppression. Below are details about this function:Function Description:This function returns “TRUE” when the current record being evaluated is the last record in the report.Returns:Boolean ValueAction:This function returns “TRUE” when the current record being evaluated is the last record ... Read More