User defined bridge on Docker network

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:36:07
In this article, we are going to discuss why you should use a user-defined bridge network over default bridge networks. We will also demonstrate the same using practical examples.If you use a user−defined bridge for Container networking, all the Containers in that network automatically exposes all the required ports to ... Read More

Docker host network vs bridge network

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:34:28
There are two types of single−host networks available for Docker Networking - “host” and “bridge” networks. Single−host networks mean that their effect is local to each individual host.In case of a host network, a particular Docker Container can directly use the Networking of the host for sending and receiving the ... Read More

Working with Docker Swarm

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:32:40
If you are working on a microservice architecture, where you need to work on different project components on different machines and create a master slave architecture where the master nodes control the slave nodes, deploying your project through Docker Swarm might save you a lot of time, effort and resources.Docker ... Read More

Working with Java inside Docker Container

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:31:13
Java is one of the most popular enterprise languages right now. It is the core of object oriented programming and comes with great platforms to build enterprise level applications and testing platforms. For newbies, installing and getting accommodated with the Java environment might take some time initially.Docker Containers allow you ... Read More

Create a simple Numpy Jupyter Notebook using Docker

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:29:55
Machine learning and Data Science have certainly become the new buzzword. Organizations are now trying to adopt Data Analytics and Machine learning techniques to predict their sales and to increase their revenue. No doubt, specializing machine learning techniques would surely give you an upperhand in today’s corporate world. If you ... Read More

Build a flask App using Docker Compose

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:28:47
Docker Compose allows you to build multi-container Docker applications. If you are working on a microservice project where you have different nodes working on different parts of the project, Docker Compose is exactly what you need. Using Docker Compose, you can work on different components of the project on different ... Read More

How to use an OVS Bridge for Networking on Docker?

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:27:21
OVS bridges or Open vSwitch bridges are used as an alternative to the native bridges in linux. It supports most features which are in a physical switch while also supporting multiple vLANs on a single bridge. It is also widely used in Docker networking because it proves to be useful ... Read More

Python Library API for Docker

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:25:50
You can access, manage and manipulate docker objects such as containers, images, clusters, swarms, etc. using a python library API. You can do pretty much anything that docker commands let you do. This comes very handy when you are using a python app such as django or flask and you ... Read More

Running a static site on Apache Server from Docker

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:24:35
No doubt that Docker containers are now being widely used for various purposes in the development lifecycle right from building, distributing, testing to deployment of the products. It allows developers to work on different parts of the project, collaborate with other developers working on the same project, helps in version ... Read More

Maintain and Manipulate Docker Containers

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:22:58
Knowing how to create a dockerfile and build a docker image using that dockerfile, we can move ahead and dive deep into more advanced ways to manipulate docker containers. When we talk about manipulating docker containers, we include running, listing, restarting, cleaning up the dangling containers, running containers in interactive ... Read More