Syed Nauman, asked on 10th Dec, 2017

Query MDG tables via SAP Studio

I am working on SAP-FIORI project related to master data management.  I need to query to MDG tables for some processing.   Is it possible for me to directly run queries against these tables? I want to query table KNA1. Please let me know If it is feasible to connect from SAP studio to directly execute queries against any of these MDG tables?
Syed Nauman, asked on 10th Dec, 2017

Understand more about roles in SAP system

I am working on a project involving detailing around profiles, language, etc. I am working with different tables but mainly with profile table (_PROF) and AGR_1016. I am not sure regarding the mapping of profiles to roles.  Also, JSF Communication role is not present in either of tables. Why? Can someone help me in understanding the main differences between the two tables?
Prabhas, asked on 12th Dec, 2017

Creating a Function module in ABAP to take any table and write it to the screen

I want to create a function module in ABAP that will take an internal table and write it to the screen. I am new to ABAP and looking for a solution to work with an internal table in the system.
Syed Nauman, asked on 10th Dec, 2017

Activation of ABAP table failing with reference error

I have a table in the SAP system which I need to activate. Upon activation, I am receiving an error message conveying that reference table must be present. The error message also says that the table must be created in the database. I am not able to understand the underneath issue from the message. Any help on this will be appreciated.
Syed Nauman, asked on 8th Dec, 2017

Change leaves duration from hours to days in SAP Fiori app

I am working on a Fiori App. When I click on the button to show my leave requests, the pop-up displays the details in hours instead of days. For e.g.:  It shows 16 hours instead of 2 days. Can I change it back two days? If yes, then how?
seetha, asked on 12th Dec, 2017

Using an Angular app as SAP Fiori application

I have developed an HTML application using an Angular framework. We are moving to SAP now so I want to know if I can use my Angular app as Fiori application. I know SAP UI5 is front-end framework so we should move everything to SAP UI5?
Syed Nauman, asked on 8th Dec, 2017

Apply filtering on Model to fetch filtered data in ABAP

In my ABAP implementation, I need to filter out data from a model based on some conditions. My code looks something like below: ,   However, it’s not working. Can someone guide me to apply the filters?
vanithasree, asked on 12th Dec, 2017

Date value is not populating while using Native SQL in SAP to insert an Order

 I am using Native SQL code to insert an order in a system as below , When I try to run this code, I get an error so I change the date to SYSDATE as below: , This has fixed the error but still, I am not getting order date from the table: , //select a order details where order id='2', and assign to orderID, orderDate Write:/1 'Order date: ', orderDate. Write:/1 'Order ID: ', orderID. I .....
CyberChants, asked on 13th Dec, 2017

How to get a variable name as a string in Python?

I have got a variable like this my_var = 5 How do I print the name of the variable my_var as a string in python?
Altamas Khan, asked on 11th Dec, 2017

Searching data from the different system in SAP.

I am working on an application with 2 different system, let’s say A and B. I am currently running a program in system A and I want that when I click on search help, the data comes from system B. Is this possible?
radhakrishna, asked on 12th Dec, 2017

Programmer to be an SAP Functional Consultant - HR or MM

I am Programmer with 3 years of work experience in PHP/SQL and other front-end development languages. I want to move my career towards SAP and someone has suggested me to take a course in SAP HR module and then work as Functional Consultant. I don’t want to do typical programming stuff so not interested in doing any course/certification in ABAP.  If I go for any SAP HR Functional.....
mkotla, asked on 12th Dec, 2017

Setting up a JDBC connection to remote SAP HANA system

 I have developed a Java application that is trying to connect to remote SAP HANA system via JDBC connection. HANA system instance number is “00” and I am using port number  “30015” My Java application is using sapdbc.jar file and below is the code: , I get the below error message: DBTech JDBC: Cannot c.....
CyberChants, asked on 13th Dec, 2017

How to convert hex string into int in Python?

How do I convert hex string  "0xfe43" into int in Python?
Altamas Khan, asked on 11th Dec, 2017

Multiple ALV grids on a single screen in SAP ABAP

I am trying to place multiple ALV grids at particular locations of a screen, however, I am not able to find out how can I control the size of ALV grid or specify the position of ALV grid using function modules. Could you please help?
Giri Raju, asked on 12th Dec, 2017

Handling errors in SAP GUI Scripting code

I am using an excel file for submitting bulk records using SAP GUI Scripting. I want to include an error handling mechanism so in case an error occurs script should read the data from next line and only enter appropriate error message in the comment field.
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