Sreemaha, asked 1m 55s ago

HTML5 check if audio is playing

How can I check with HTML5 that whether the audio is currently playing or paused? Which method is to be used?
George John, asked 5m 37s ago

Using HTML5 file uploads with AJAX and jQuery

How can I write an efficient code with AJAX and jQuery for HTML5 file uploads? How can I set file uploading for users?
varma, asked 10m 58s ago

HTML 5 local Storage size limit for sub domains

What is the standard local Storage size for sub domains in HTML 5? I want it for a domain as well.
Ankith Reddy, asked 12m 10s ago

How can I use the HTML5 canvas element in IE?

With HTML5, how can I use <canvas> element in Internet Explorer? Which JavaScript library can I use to achieve this?
Maheshwari Thakur, asked 15m 7s ago

How to fix getImageData() error ‘The canvas has been tainted by cross-origin data’ in HTML?

While working in HTML5 Canvas, I am facing the following error: , How to resolve it?
usharani, asked 15m 23s ago

How to programmatically empty browser cache with HTML?

In WordPress, we can easily clear cache using plugins. However, what if I want to clear cache programmatically with HTML?
varun, asked 25m 46s ago

Is it possible to style HTML5 audio tag?

How can I style the HTML5 audio tag?Which attribute or element should I use to achieve this in HTML5?
Ankith Reddy, asked 32m 28s ago

Drawing text to HTML5 <canvas> with @fontface does not work at the first time

Drawing text in a canvas with a typeface that is loaded via @font-face isn’t showing text correctly at first. How to solve it with HTML?
Prabhas, asked 32m 25s ago

Checking if a key exists in HTML5 Local Storage

How can I check if a key exists in HTML5 Local Storage? Which method or property should I use to achieve this?
George John, asked 40m 16s ago

Maximum size of a <canvas> element in HTML

element? I want it for web browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE.
seetha, asked 40m 54s ago

How to center canvas in HTML5?

With HTML5, how can I center canvas?  Which method or property should I use to achieve this?
seetha, asked 51m 13s ago

Preventing an image from being draggable or selectable in HTML without using JS

I want to write a code to prevent an image from being draggable and selectable in HTML. The following is my image: ,
Chandu yadav, asked 48m 14s ago

HTML5 inline video on iPhone vs iPad/Browser

What is the difference between playing HTML5 inline video on iPhone or iPad? How has this changed with iOS 10+?
radhakrishna, asked 1h 2m ago

How do I make a transparent canvas in HTML5?

Which property or method should I use in HTML5 to make a transparent canvas? The following is my canvas: ,
Maheshwari Thakur, asked 1h 0m ago

Disabling Android's chrome pull-down-to-refresh feature with HTML.

How can I disable Android’s Chrome pull-down-to-refresh feature? I want to disable the following pull to refresh action.
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