Storage Area Networks

Kristi Castro
Answered 6m 58s ago

Storage Area Networks are typically used to provide access to data storage. These make sure that storage devices such as disks, tape drives etc. can be accessed by an operating system as system storage devices. Storage Area Networks are quite cheap and so are used both by large conglomerates and ... Read More

What is the difference between jQuery.animate() and jQuery.hide()?

How to differentiate between animate() and hide() method in jQuery? Which one of these is used to create a custom animation for the element? Also, what are the unique parameters both of these .....
David Meador
Answered 14m 27s ago

jQuery animate() The animate( ) method performs a custom animation of a set of CSS properties. Here is the description of all the parameters used by this method: params − A map of CSS properties that the animation will move toward. duration − This is optional parameter representing how ... Read More

How to use $.fadeTo() method to create animation in jQuery?

I want to create a custom animation in jQuery. How to use the fadeTo() method in jQuery to create animation? What are the parameters it support?
Alex Onsman
Answered 24m 16s ago

The fadeTo( ) method fades the opacity of all matched elements to a specified opacity and firing an optional callback after completion. Here is the description of all the parameters used by this method: speed - A string representing one of the three predefined speeds ("slow", "def", or "fast") ... Read More

Hot Standby Mode

David Meador
Answered 41m 10s ago

The hot standby mode is a fail-safe in which a hot standby component is part of an active system. If any component of the system fails, the hot standby component takes its place. In general, a hot standby can refer to any device, system etc. that overtakes operation from a ... Read More

What is caching?

Kristi Castro
Answered 58m 14s ago

Cache is a type of memory that is used to increase the speed of data access. Normally, the data required for any process resides in the main memory. However, it is transferred to the cache memory temporarily if it is used frequently enough. The process of storing and accessing data ... Read More

Asymmetric Multiprocessing

Ricky Barnes
Answered 1h 7m ago

Asymmetric multiprocessor systems are a part of multiprocessor systems along with symmetric multiprocessor systems. Multiprocessor systems have multiple processors working in parallel that share the computer clock, memory, bus, peripheral devices etc. Features of Asymmetric Multiprocessing Some of the key points about asymmetric multiprocessing are explained with the help of ... Read More

Symmetric Multiprocessing

Kristi Castro
Answered 1h 19m ago

Most computer systems are single processor systems but multiprocessor systems are increasing in importance nowadays. These systems have multiple processors working in parallel that share the computer clock, memory, bus, peripheral devices etc. There are mainly two types of multiprocessor systems. These are: Symmetric Multiprocessor System Asymmetric Multiprocessor System ... Read More

Low-Earth Orbit Satellites

karthikeya Boyini
Answered 1h 24m ago

Low earth orbit (LEO) satellites systems orbit below 2000 km from the earth’s surface, i.e. below the lower Van Allen belt. They move at very high speeds and may not have any fixed space with respect to the earth. The following diagram depicts LEO satellites in their orbits. ... Read More

Medium-Earth Orbit Satellites

Samual Sam
Answered 1h 26m ago

Medium earth orbit (MEO) satellites lie between the two Van Allen Belts. MEOs are also called Intermediate Circular Orbits (ICOs). The altitudes of these satellites range from 2, 000 km to 35, 000 km, i.e. above the low earth orbits and below the geosynchronous orbits. The orbital periods of MEOs ... Read More


karthikeya Boyini
Answered 1h 31m ago

VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals) is a two way, lost cost, ground micro station for transmitting data to and from communication satellites. A VSAT has a dish antenna with diameters between 75 cm to 1 m, which is very small in comparison with 10 m diameter of a standard GEO ... Read More

Geosynchronous and Geostationary Satellites

Samual Sam
Answered 1h 35m ago

Geosynchronous Satellite and Geosynchronous Orbit (GSO) A geosynchronous satellite is a communication satellite that has an orbital period same as the period of rotation of the earth. Hence, it appears to be permanently in the same area of the sky at a particular time each day when viewed by an ... Read More

String Join() method

karthikeya Boyini
Answered 2h 20m ago

The Join () method in strings concatenates all the elements of a string array, using the specified separator between each element. In the below example we have a multi-line string and we have set the separator as “\n” − String.Join("\n", starray); The following is the complete example − ... Read More

Retrieve data value as a pointer in C#

Chandu yadav
Answered 2h 21m ago

A pointer is a variable whose value is the address of another variable. Retrieve the data stored at the located referenced by the pointer variable, using the ToString() method. Here in an example − using System; namespace UnsafeCodeApplication { class Program { ... Read More

Abort in C#

Samual Sam
Answered 2h 25m ago

The Abort() method is used for destroying threads. The runtime aborts the thread by throwing a ThreadAbortException. This exception cannot be caught, the control is sent to the finally block if any. Use the Abort() method on a thread − childThread.Abort(); Example Live Demo using System; ... Read More

Difference between TrimStart() and TrimEnd() in C#

Maheshwari Thakur
Answered 2h 29m ago

TrimStart() method removes all leading occurrences of a set of characters, whereas TrimEnd()removes all trailing occurrences of a set of characters. TrimStart() The TrimStart() method removes all leading occurrences of a set of characters specified in an array. Let us see an example to remove all leading zeros − Example ... Read More

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