What is Sandwich Testing?

Vineet Nanda
Published on 13-May-2021 15:45:57
Sandwich testing is a method of testing that consists of the following− top-down and bottom-up approaches. It incorporates the benefits of both bottom-up and top-down research at the same time. Bottom-up testing begins in the middle layer and progresses upward to the top layer, while top-down testing begins in the ... Read More

What is Non-Functional Testing? Types with Example

Vineet Nanda
Published on 13-May-2021 15:45:29
What is Non-Functional Testing?Non-functional Testing is a method of software testing that examines a software application's non-functional attributes (productivity, compatibility, functionality, and many more). It is intended to assess a system's preparation based on nonfunctional conditions that never get covered by functional tests.A good example of a non-functional test is ... Read More

What is Endurance Testing in Software Testing?

Vineet Nanda
Published on 13-May-2021 15:44:46
Endurance TestingEndurance testing is a non-functional method of software testing in which software is evaluated at heavy load for a prolonged duration to determine the performance of a software program under repeated use. The key goal of the durability test is to validate that the program can manage a high ... Read More

Top Performance or Load Testing Tools

Vineet Nanda
Published on 13-May-2021 15:44:06
Performance testing is conducted to know how an application responds under extreme load. Such tests are performed using metrics like speed, scalability and stability. Choosing the right performance or load testing tool can offer a wide range of beneficial features. Besides, it also eliminates massive cost and time consumption associated ... Read More

Test Documentation in Software Testing

Vineet Nanda
Published on 13-May-2021 15:43:23
What is Test Documentation?Test documentation is the documentation of objects that get created before or after software testing. It assists the research team in removing testing commitment, test coverage, resource monitoring, implementation development, and so on. It is a complete set of documentation that enables you to define and keep ... Read More

Software Testing Metrics: Definition, Types & Example

Vineet Nanda
Published on 13-May-2021 15:42:36
Software Testing metrics are quantitative steps taken to evaluate the software testing process's quality, performance, and progress. This helps us to accumulate reliable data about the software testing process and enhance its efficiency. This will allow developers to make proactive and precise decisions for upcoming testing procedures.What is a metric ... Read More

How to create a Test Strategy Document?

Vineet Nanda
Published on 13-May-2021 15:41:42
Before learning about Test Strategy Document, you must understand Test Plan. A test plan is a document containing the scope, methods, and objectives of software testing. Since many companies deal with multiple projects, the project team needs to prepare a goal-centric test plan considering the specific requirements of each project.Regardless ... Read More

Explain Agile Software Process and its Principles

Vineet Nanda
Published on 13-May-2021 15:37:36
The Agile Manifesto first appeared in 2001. It sought to alter the software creation process. The manifesto has four key aspects, but few people are aware of the 12 Agile Principles. They provide more specific explanations of the process in which agile product development can be carried out. After many ... Read More

6 Principles of Software Testing

Vineet Nanda
Published on 13-May-2021 15:33:07
This guide presents the seven fundamental Software Testing Principles that any software tester and quality assurance professional should understand.6 Principles of Software TestingExhaustive testing is not possibleEarly testingDefect clusteringPesticide paradoxTesting is context-dependentAbsence of errors fallacyBackgroundWhen performing software testing, one must achieve optimal test results without straying from the target. But ... Read More

Exporting an svg file from a Matplotlib figure

Rishikesh Kumar Rishi
Published on 12-May-2021 15:51:48
To export an SVG file from a matplotlib figure, we can take the following steps −Set the figure size and adjust the padding between and around the subplots.Create a figure and a set of subplots.Create random x and y data points using numpy.Plot x and y data points using plot() method.Save ... Read More
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