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Python Game Development using Pygame and Python 3

Created by Attreya Bhatt, Last Updated 22-Sep-2020, Language:English

Python Game Development using Pygame and Python 3

Master game development with Pygame and Python. Includes Shooting bullets, collision detection & building Space Invaders

Created by Attreya Bhatt, Last Updated 22-Sep-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Building Games that don't suck using - Python Pygame
  • Game Development concepts like collision detection, Object Movement etc.
  • Controlling the Game using Input controls like Keyboard
  • Adding and Removing Graphics/Sound from the Game


  • Python Level: Beginner. This Pygame tutorial assumes that you already know the Python basics ( variables, functions etc. ) No need for more as we cover Object Oriented Programming in the BONUS section of this course.
  • Please watch the preview lectures and read the description of this course before enrolling.


In early 2000, Pygame was released into this world and it soon became the #1 Game Development tool for beginners. Why? It's because it's simple enough for beginners to learn the basic concepts of becoming a Game Developer and yet it is advanced enough for the pros. Here are some of the games that you can create with it - 

Space Invader - Classic game of shooting the enemies by a Space ship

FPS Games -  You can also create first person 2D shooting games

Super Potato Bruh -  This game gained a lot of traction on Reddit and went Viral.

Come learn with me and I'll show you how you can bend Python Pygame to your will. This course is great for beginners in Python at any age and any level of computer literacy.

The goal is simple: learn Pygame by working on real project ( Building a Space Invader Game ) step-by-step while we explain every concept along the way. For the duration of this course we will take you on a journey and you're going to learn how to:

  • Visualize and create the game that you want want from Scratch

  • Sound Management in Game Development

  • Adding Image and Graphics in your games

  • Control the Game using your keyboard

  • Creating Multiple Objects like enemies and Players

  • Advance Game Concepts like movement mechanics

  • Build a complete Space Invader Game

Why choose me as an instructor? Why buy this course among all those other courses?

When i was a kid i saw this YouTube video on how make a folder invisible on Windows I was so fascinated with this idea. Since then my love for technology has only grown. I understand the  people who are passionate about learning new things. At the end of each  section we will take a quiz to check up on your skills and see if we’re  ready for the next section. We will create this project together from  start to finish.

So, why wait? If all this sounds great to you, Press on “Take this Course” and start learning today.

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