Provide the suitable term that expresses the meaning of each of the following statements.
(a) Greeting cards made from newspaper.
(b) Contents of the waste bins.
(c) Worms converting certain kinds of waste into manure.
(d) An area where a lot of garbage is collected, spread out and covered with soil.

AcademicChemistryNCERTClass 6

(a) Recycling- Greeting cards made from newspapers.

(b) Garbage- Contents of the waste bins

(c) Vermicomposting- Worms convert certain kinds of waste into manure.

(d) Landfill- An area where a lot of garbage is collected, spread out, and covered with soil

[Extra information: 
"Manure" is the organic matter used as fertilizer in agriculture. Manure contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients that are needed by plants to grow. Fertilizers are generally costly and environmentally friendly. Farmers often use manure to save money by properly using it as a fertilizer.

The garbage containing plant and animal wastes, and waste food, when left as such in pits or heaps is acted upon by bacteria, fungus-like organisms causing rotting.
Rotting leads to the formation of manure. It is the conversion of complex molecules into simple molecules which can be used by plants for growth and development. Thus, the rotting and conversion of some organic materials into manure is called composting.]
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