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Prolog in Artificial Intelligence
Simply Easy Learning

Arnab Chakraborty

IT & Software, IT Other

    • Artificial Intelligence
      3 Lectures
    • Prolog
      6 Lectures
    • Syntax and Meaning of Prolog Programs
      4 Lectures
    • Lists and Its Operations
      7 Lectures
    • Prolog Operators
      2 Lectures
    • Prolog - Using Structures
      2 Lectures
    • Controlling Backtracking
      7 Lectures
    • Built-In Predicates
      7 Lectures
    • Operations on Data Structure
      19 Lectures
    • Basic Problem Solving Strategies
      7 Lectures
    • Expert System
      6 Lectures
    • Misc. Problem Solve
      8 Lectures
  • Description

    This tutorial provides introductory knowledge on Artificial Intelligence. It would come to a great help if you are about to select Artificial Intelligence as a course subject. You can briefly know about the areas of AI in which research is prospering. It also covers the implementation of AI problems using Prolog.


    This tutorial is prepared for the students at beginner level who aspire to learn Artificial Intelligence and having a knowledge in Prolog programming.

Prolog in Artificial Intelligence
This Course Includes :

7 hours

78 Lectures

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