Project Work
Visit a farm, a nursery, or a garden nearby. Gather information about
(i) the importance of seed selection.
(ii) method of irrigation.
(iii) effect of extreme cold and extreme hot weather on the plants.
(iv) effect of continuous rain on the plants.
(v) fertilisers/manure used.

AcademicBiologyNCERTClass 8

(i) Seed selection is very essential to reap a good quality crop. Good variety of seeds produces a high-quality, disease resistance, enhanced nutrition, increased shelf life, and more yield of the crop.

(ii) There are various methods of irrigation used based on the availability of water. Drip irrigation method and sprinkler method of irrigation are some of the best irrigation methods that provide water to the plant without wasting it.

(iii) Extreme cold weather can freeze the water present in the plants eventually causing the expansion of the water, causing the cells to die, leading to the browning or death of plants.

During the extremely hot weather, plants try to close their air pores to prevent excess water evaportion. If plants can\'t close their pores, due to dehydration, the plants die.

(iv) The continuous rain on the crop leads to waterlogging in the soil. The waterlogged soil is oxygen-deficient, causing oxygen deficiency in the roots of the plants thus plants cannot respire and die out.

(v) Fertilizer or manure used to fertilize the soil directly impacts the quality and nutrients in the plants. Although chemical fertilizer yields more crops in higher quantities, it also causes harm to soil, soil microorganisms, and also to humans consuming the crop. Natural fertilizers and organic manure are eco-friendly options compared to chemical fertilizers.

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