Project Management for Instructional Designers

Getting Results Beyond ADDIE

  Inez Whipple

   Project Management, Teaching & Academics, Online Education

  Language - English

   Published on 01/2022



This course is geared toward instructional designers, course developers, and e-learning professionals who want to get a better handle on their projects. Content includes an overview of project management, initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing an instructional project whether it's an entire course or just a focused portion of it. 

What Will I Get ?

  • Define the differences between instructional design and project management.

  • Discuss the benefits of using Project Management principles.

  • Define a "project" and its three requirements.

  • Identify skills that a project manager needs to be successful.

  • Identify a generic project life cycle.

  • Identify the five process groups of project management.

  • Define project initiation and the two outputs of the process.

  • Discuss the project charter.

  • Discuss who stakeholders can be and how to identify them.

  • Identify different ways to classify stakeholders.

  • Define project planning and its related terms: scope, objectives, outcomes, milestones, and work breakdown structure.

  • Identify scope creep and explain how to prevent it.

  • Identify the sections and components of a project plan.

  • Describe the functions and advantages of using a WBS.

  • Describe the purpose of a kick-off meeting.

  • List and describe five ways to manage and direct the project work during execution.

  • Discuss how to manage change.

  • Define and give examples of OPAs.

  • Discuss how and why lessons learned are gathered.

  • Differentiate between crashing and fast-tracking a project.

  • Discuss why political and cultural awareness is important in project communications.

  • Describe the differences between quality control and scope validation.

  • List at least three things that happen during project closure.

  • Discuss gathering & processing lessons learned.

  • Describe the difference between closing the project and reviewing the project.

  • Describe the purpose of a project implementation review.


  • None are required, but a basic understanding of academic course building or instructional is helpful.
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