Programming Methodologies Training

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Programming Methodologies Training

In this video tutorial we will cover the top down approach to programming, also called modular programming. We will also learn about requirement gathering, problem definition and identifying unique solution to the given problem. Programming best practices for code optimization will also be covered.


This video tutorial has been designed as per the Class XI CBSE syllabus for Computer Science. However, this video tutorial is for anyone who wants to learn about programming methodologies and how to use them to design solution to a problem.



Shweta is a postgraduate in Computer Management from University of Pune. She has worked as Instructional Designer and Content Creator for companies like NIIT and Whizlabs, creating Computer Science courses from KG to PG. She also taught Computer Science at DPS, Bokaro, for 4 years. She is an avid blogger, author, editor and course content creator.