Creating a hash, using the default MD5 hash algorithm in python

#Import libraries
import hashlib
import hmac

update_bytes = b'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. \
                              Suspendisse tristique condimentum viverra. Nulla accumsan \
                              orci risus, non congue lacus feugiat id.'
#secret key
password = b'402xy5#'
#Generate cryptographic hash using md5
my_hmac = hmac.new(update_bytes, password, hashlib.md5) 

print("The first digest: " + str(my_hmac.digest()))
print("The Canonical Name: " + my_hmac.name)
print("Block size: " +  str (my_hmac.block_size) + "bytes")
print("Digest size: " + str(my_hmac.digest_size) + "bytes")

#Create a copy of the hmac object
my_hmac_cpy = my_hmac.copy() 
print("The Copied digest: " + str(my_hmac_cpy.digest()))


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