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Programming 101

Created by The Skill Panda, Last Updated 06-Apr-2021, Language:English

Programming 101

Start with Python Today

Created by The Skill Panda, Last Updated 06-Apr-2021, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Students Learn about Basics of Python Programming.
  • How to get started with Python Programming in no time


  • No, Just you with your laptop.


Do you want to get started with Programming but know nothing about it. This "Python Programming 101" course is designed to make a student get started with Python.

What is Python programming?

When it comes to effective, workable, and user-friendly coding, python does prove itself to be an interpreted, high-level, and general-purpose programming language. Python's design viewpoint highlights code readability with its important use of significant whitespace.

Why Python is best for beginners?:- 

Python is easy to read, write and understand even for beginners. You don't need any previous knowledge about any language to start.

In this course, we cover:

  • What is Python
  • Why you should Choose Python
  • Applications of Python
  • Memory Management in Python etc.

This course is basically designed for programming Noob and never learned a single programming language.

This is the second module of the complete programming 101 courses that we are offering for everyone. This video clear your concept about Python, we are talking some topic in very basic form like:

  • Variables
  • Datatypes
  • Memory Management in Python
  • Input & Print in python
  • Operators in Python

As a Data scientist and Python Trainer, I will suggest that if you are a beginner or want to switch in your career, you should go for Python. Python is and will one of the highest paying jobs and easy to learn.

So, If you want to get started with Programming, take this course now...

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