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About The Knowledge Jar

Solving the #1 cause of workplace chaos

When people leave their jobs, they take more than just their mugs and knick knacks with them. They almost always leave with valuable — sometimes irreplaceable — knowledge about how things work. From major tasks and processes right down to how to make the coffee and lock up at night. You know, the crucial stuff that keeps the lights on and the wheels turning. The stuff you can’t just look up on Google or YouTube.


And without that knowledge? Chaos tends to follow. Important tasks go undone. Best practices get dropped. Band-aid solutions get slapped on everything. Morale goes down. It can be a vicious cycle. And a few weeks of training at hand-off doesn’t even begin to close that gap.

Helping workplaces hang on to what they know

That’s why we created The Knowledge Jar. So businesses of all sizes could ditch the endless binders and stop playing broken telephone with their training, replacing these outdated approaches with a fully customized online knowledge base that’s simple, searchable, and shareable.


We work with businesses to document their standard everyday activities and create a video curriculum that contains the specifics of how they do business, from the big stuff to the nitty gritty details. So that knowledge is always at your fingertips, whether you’re hiring and training new recruits, refreshing best practices, tackling new-to-you tasks, or something else that requires specific, specialized info that’s unique to your organization. 

And grow their knowledge, too

Because knowledge is always evolving, we also offer a series of relevant and engaging courses and coaching services to keep your knowledge base growing. Forget six-figure consultants and expensive learning management system subscriptions. The Knowledge Jar is all about delivering value — that includes our pricing, too.

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About the Founder

Victor Manuel Cuevas II

 As a multi-decade veteran of the corporate world, I’ve seen it all and done it all — from the shop floor to the C-suite, and in industries as diverse as manufacturing, planning, supply chain management, IT, and more.

What I learned over all those years? In every industry and at every level, knowledge matters.

I launched The Knowledge Jar in 2022 to offer a system-wide solution that would make life easier for working people in offices, warehouses, factories, studios, storefronts, and workshops across the world. Together, we create connections that transcend time and space, so that knowledge is easy to collect, store, and pass on.

When I’m not sharing knowledge, I’m spending time with my four children and enjoying life in Frisco, Texas.