Tonguc Akbas


Marketing Expert

Hi, I’m Tonguc Akbas. Thanks for checking out my course.

I work in a Fortune 500 company as a Marketing Manager. I have built 100+ successful data driven marketing campaigns in 3 different countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I have studied “Marketing Analytics” from Columbia University. I have managed different marketing teams and expertized in the areas of:

· Product Marketing: Design and launch of 1st to Market Digital Products

· Segment Marketing: Marketing Communications (Digital & TV Commercial)

· Base Marketing: Hyper Personalized Real Time Campaigns

· Innovation: Start-up Investment & Financial Case Development

I have won 2017 "Cannes Young Lions – Young Professional" award and represented my country in Cannes Creativity Festival.

The reason why I am recognized as a credible instructor in the market is because I provide knowledge through business case studies, real life brand examples and hands-on exercises to simplify and make the content easy to remember

My objective is to help aspiring marketers to touch people's lives with right solutions and the power of marketing.

Enjoy the course!