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The Graduate School of Retail Banking is a global business school with HQ at Lisbon, Portugal.

RBS is a member of Portugal Fintech Association and Fintech House of Portugal.

RBS provides wide list of programs for individual and corporate clients at areas: banking, retail business, fintech, digitalization, business transformation and strategy.

RBS R&D center working on launching of market analytical platform and on integrated solutions for banks and fintech at area of digital acquisition analytics and channels development.


Build successful career and improve results at your work in retail banking with our innovative curriculum focused on modern and practical knowledge of retail banking business. Get globally recognised skills and knowledge for your global success at retail banking and fintech business.

You will be able to get knowledge and connect with recognized global experts at retail and universal banking. Our educators are global speakers at banking forums, professionals with more than 15 years of experience at banking, management, fintech, digitization, business with first-class education at universities such us Boston University (USA), The State University of New York (USA) and others.

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