Subodh Chiwate


Programmer (16+ years)

I am a programmer with MS in Electrical Engineering. 

I have designed and implemented software solutions for Insurance, Email, Embedded Systems, Digital Cinema distribution, Distributed Systems, and Map Making domains. My master's thesis was a data acquisition system for a problem in the Astrophysics domain.

I find peace in exploring the connection between the How and Why around any technical problem. Over the years I have realized that research is a lifestyle and engineering is an attitude.

I enjoy content creation and video editing along with reading related to business, personal finance, economy, biographies, history, and programming/software engineering.

I would be creating courses around software engineering, personal finance, and programming. Most of the content will use C++, Java, Python, Go, and Rust. 

The intent of all courses will be practical implementation and a long-term career perspective.

Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.