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Shikhar Verma, an entrepreneur and corporate trainer, runs the IT company Techstart, which deals with IT-based projects like designing, creating certified courses, writing content, and handling and maintaining various offline/online projects for well-known companies.

He had already worked for more than 15 years in the IT industry before starting his own business.

Shikhar's passion is to work in an environment where his technical skills and experience are put to proper use for the growth of the company and his career. 

He teaches his knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. He began teaching courses in 2016 and has already taught over 70,000 students. He feels grateful every day for the opportunity to connect with students from almost every country in the world.

He is qualified with a BTech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and more than 70,000 students across 165 countries have benefited from enrolling in various technical courses offered by him.

Primary Skills are DevOps, Docker, Git, Kubernetes, Linux, Ansible, Shell Scripting, AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services), Linux Cluster, Perl, etc

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