Shahzad Ahmed



Shehzad Ahmed is a full-time developer with more than seven years of expertise. During that period, I worked as a developer for several large and small companies and taught web design and programming to numerous eager students. I've discovered a huge interest and potential for myself as a teacher in this profession as time passes. Currently, I am a full-time teacher and freelance writer.

Every day, new trends, ideas, and innovations are introduced to the design and development of websites. Therefore, it is necessary to study and stay current with everything daily in the modern world, which is what I do and what I am so passionate about!

When I have free time, I contribute to the web development community. Teaching children, leading online programming groups, attending a conference, and writing blogs are all ways that I prefer to stay current and connected in my area. I am a specialist in (PHP, Codeigniter, Laravel, Bootstrap, WordPress, SQL, Query Optimization, Data Science, and Design Patterns).

Anyone interested in learning and gaining knowledge about web programming and design will always be welcome and delighted to assist.

I have a passion for discovering new things, which is why I spend a great deal of time studying new methods and assisting others in learning web programming and design via different organizations.

In addition to web development tutorials and online courses.