Rajeev Raghu Raman Arunachalam


Engineering Manager

Self Introduction:


§About me :

§Name : Rajeev Raghu Raman Arunachalam

§Career Path : Worked and experienced from Global companies lwith roles like Associate Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, IT Analyst, Technical Test Lead, Operations Manager, Manager Service Delivery. In the above path, I have worked with clients/stakeholders across the globe. Currently associated as a Freelancer – Engineering Management Professional.

§Qualifications : Bachelor of Engineering - India .

§Master of Science - Business Administration : (General Management with Information Technology & Engineering) -  USA.

§Doctorate of Engineering Administration : USA.

§Certifications: Certified from Global Engineering and Business Schools .

§ For a detailed profile view : Please see LinkedIn profile link below

§LinkedIn :



§My Freelance Portal



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