Pramila Rawat


I'm developing android mobile apps since 2016 on a daily basis. I hone my skills every day with the help of professional practice in order to make development process faster and qualitative. Started as an Android developer and then move to work with Flutter and deliver applications to both platforms. List of my skills that I will use to bring your project to perfection: Strong knowledge of Dart, Kotlin, Java Core, Flutter, Android SDK • Java / Kotlin, C / C++; • Android SDK; • Android Jetpack (Room, Navigation, WorkManager, Lifecycle); • Google AppEngine (Google Cloud Endpoints / Servlets); • Databases: SQL / Room Persistence, Realm; • Google API's (Maps, Drive, Tasks, Places); • Firebase Cloud Messaging(Android / Java Server), Database, Remote Config; • Google Cloud Storage / Database; • Material Design; • REST/JSON/XML; • Retrofit 2, RxJava, Dagger 2, Koin • MVVM, MVP; • OpenCV; • Gtk3.0 / Vala; • Git; • Gradle / Maven. Also I can help you create technical and business requirements to the Android application if you don't fully understand which features you want. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Experince in working with third-party libraries: Retrofit, RxJava, Volley, Dagger2, Butter knife, Gson, GraphView, Retrofit, Picasso, Realm, Social networks integration( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Google Maps API, Youtube API

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