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This is Pamch Tutor. A tutoring genius who has been teaching ICT related courses since 2009. I am a Masters Degree holder in Educational Technology

I am dynamic, friendly, creative, flexible and 

interactive with my teaching profession. 

Teaching to me is not to pass time, it is what I breathe. 

I have experience in teaching HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, 

Microsoft office, Scratch animation, etc. 

Likewise, I train adults one-on-one on how to design websites, handbills, calendars, 

business cards using Corel Draw. 

As a trained and experienced teacher I value 

student's learning modalities;

hence, my lessons are driven to meet the student's needs 

and thus I frame a creative and possibility mentality.

Anyone who takes my courses know that with me there is no room for dull moments. 

All my lessons are exciting, engaging and easy

I simply make it simple because easy does it.

Great to have you on board.

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