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I am a UI/UX designer  I picked up Product designing as a hobby while studying Science Education at School, and over the next few years (+ thanks to the power of the internet) My passion is helping people to learn new skills in a short-term course and achieve their goals.

My creative practice is deeply aligned with my spirituality. Every brushstroke, every design is an opportunity for me to connect with my heart.

Through my journey, one thing has remained consistent: following my intuition. To me, intuition is your soul speaking to you. Listening to my soul takes me on unexpected journeys, and I create my best work.

My work is a reflection of light. As an eternally creative soul, I believe that through the power of impassioned creativity we can capture the imagination and engage an inquisitive world.

Today, I blend all my skills and experience to provide work across the design. Although every day is different, one element remains:

Helping others connect with their hearts and find the creativity within.

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