Nikolai Schuler


Enable people in Data Analysis and Data Science

My name is Nikolai Schuler and I am super excited about equipping you with the skillset to master Data Science and Data Analytics!

In my work as a data scientist and BI consultant I see that there a lot of new tools that bring a lot of benefits. Yet I also see that it is not always easy to learn working with these tool beside the daily other tasks we have to do.

Also I found it hard to find courses that are high quality as well as easy to understand and well structured.

For that reason I decided to create these courses that are high quality on the one hand and easy to learn with on the other hand. These courses now have reached people in more than 130 countries and I am really glad to help spreading these IT skills and enable people to pursue the career they are after.

As I am a data specialist on the one hand but also introducing ordinary users to Power BI and other tools on the other hand, I understand the common hurdels most people have.

Data and teaching are my passions and therefore I am really looking forward to level up your IT skills as well!