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Ionic 5+ From Beginner to Advanced - Build Food Delivery App

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  Nikhil Agarwal


Full Stack Developer

Experience as Developer

I started my Coding Journey at the age of 16 with C++. That's when I realised my passion in this field. From there on I worked hard on my learning bypassing all the obstacles and entered Engineering College. Very soon, I realised that practical knowledge was hard to get at that level, so I decided to upgrade on my own along with the academics, that's when I learnt Web Development in PHP and App Development in Android. To explore things in depth, I developed few websites and apps for helping friends and my juniors in their projects, bagging a lot of experience from that. This passion lead me to enter this virtual world and explore my innovative ideas in it. I started as a freelancer and then in no time started a Software Company. Working professionally gave me a lot of experience that is needed to fulfill my bigger goals. As of now, I am also preparing to start my innovative startups, and also helping you all to gain all the knowledge from my experience, which drives me to upgrade myself much more.

I have done a lot of projects using modern frontend frameworks such as Angular and on the backend with Core PHP, Laravel PHP, NodeJS. I love to work as a full stack developer

Started working with Ionic (version 2) way back in 2017, and in no time it became my first priority for Cross-platform Apps. I have worked with other similar technologies but I found it enjoyable, that's why I have made lot of projects using Ionic (using all versions of it except version 1).

Experience as Instructor

Being a self-taught professional I really know the hard parts and the difficult topics when learning a new language or improving on already-known ones. In order to enter into the teaching world, I started a YouTube channel named "Coding Technyks" in Feb' 2021, my effort is to provide best content out there which is not easily available or people find it hard to do in relation to Coding (including UI & UX along with other topics).

So far in my career I have always received great feedback for my work. The most rewarding experience is to see how people find new, better jobs, build awesome web applications, acquire amazing projects or simply enjoy their hobby with the help of my content.

This is a new journey to share my experience with the needful ones in the form of digital courses, all my efforts is to bring a good change in your life!

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