Mona Remedios Stickley


18 Lectures 47 mins


Artist | Course Creator | Entrepreneur | TBI Survivor


Mona Remedios Stickley is a disability artist and multiple brain injury survivor. At times, she lost the ability to walk, read, and speak. When her disability became severe, it was very difficult for medical providers to help. Her symptoms and multiple diagnoses were too varied for any medical practitioner to address altogether. So she tenaciously pursued progress by using a variety of techniques and creating her own methodology to improve function.

Education and Experience:

Mona has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Anthropology with a minor in Psychology from the University of Alberta. She has a Certificate in General Business Management from NAIT, and a Diploma in Computer Operations from CDI. She has additional training in insurance, medical terms and reports, anatomy, energy healing, health and fitness, and project management.

Her work background includes 15 years in management roles across different industries, and 5 years in claims adjusting and litigation. She has considerable experience training, and mentoring staff ranging from 8 to 52 direct reports.

Her arts background includes education in commercial art including art history, acrylic, gouache, watercolour, oil, charcoal, drawing, and pointillism. She volunteered at the Edmonton Art Gallery in the Art Rental Office. She also organized charity events, worked with photographers, amateur models, and coordinated resources with university programs, charitable foundations, and local businesses. She directed or managed the coordination of several projects that involved design, marketing programs, websites, and fundraising.


Mona enjoys building courses that help people live a better life, organize their lives, or better themselves in their careers. She hopes her experiences and knowledge can be of use to others. The topics she is passionate about are varied, from using mahjong to stimulate cognitive functioning, decluttering, using colors and art as therapy, managing complex illness and more.