Mohd Raqif Warsi


MERN Stack Web Developer & Networking Enthusiast

Hi! I am Mohd. Raqif Warsi. I'm a learner like you. Coming to the point - I came here to help thousands of people like you by contributing something to what they need. I love to grow my knowledge and at the same time, spreading it to others, serving them with my best. I started all of this with merely no experience but with only one thing, a pure determination to learn, grow and succeed with whatever I learn. This took some time and will take a lot more. Technically, I'm a Web Developer with hands-on ReactJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, and NodeJS. I love building new things out of technology. If you want more stuff from any of these topics, please let me know. If I've said "I love to help" enough, let me know if my courses are helping you out. I also admire hearing your reviews and the advancement you'll make in your journey. If you're ever stuck at any place, any time in my courses or beyond, just leave a message for me and I'll be there, all yours. To see you achieve your goal is also one of my goals. Remember: NEVER STOP LEARNING.

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