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Make sure the message you send is the message received

My company is named ARCTexas and we specialize in helping small businesses and communities to survive and thrive. Developing communication skills for my clients is paramount for their success. Understanding how to communicate with people from all corners of the world is vital to success. 

I have spent over 40 years working in technology and interacting people from every corner of the United States.  I specialize in communication between cultures and generations. 

I have a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas Tech University. My areas of study and research were, (and are) communication studies, ag communication, and history. 

I have led and worked with groups that cross cultural and age boundaries. I have learned that while everyone's opinion has value, not everyone is listened to. 

I have published several books on dealing with personal issues; and most recently an historical fiction book set in the American Southwest in 1611.

I am a member of the citizens advisory committee for the Florence Texas ISD - Ace Programs. 

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