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I have self-taught programming since I was in junior high school, my motivation back then was to play online games for free, since game publishers used to charge a quite high monthly fee, so I learn how to deploy a local private game server. After that I learn web development and then desktop programming to create game center billing and manager, I also learn some hacking, cybersecurity, bot, and automation along the way to hack online games and get some advantages.

In my career in programming, I also have done some exciting projects with wonderful international companies, like building VoIP apps with one of Singapore's Changi airport subsidiary companies and working with Apple and one of the biggest Apple Authorized Resellers in my country to create an e-commerce website.

Now my focus is on cross-platform web apps that can get into mobile application stores like Play Store for Android and AppStore for iOS, also share my journey and knowledge with you so I can contribute to world tech development and be a blessing to this world.  

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