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Hi everyone!
My name is Mark Smilyanic. I am an international boudoir & portrait photographer and professional photo retoucher. I’ve been educating photographers in the art of color stylization and skin retouching techniques in my Retouching School in Belgrade, and this is my first voyage into the world of online education.

My photography adventure has started way back in 2012, with a small camera and a big dream. Sometime in 2015, I’ve left my University studies, and financial security it provided, to pursue a dream of becoming an artist, which to be entirely honest, didn’t look promising. One thing I surely had was a burning passion for this art and craft we all love.

Fast forward to 2018, after years of sleepless nights, here and I am, successfully running my own photography business, traveling the world and living a life full of experiences I’ve never dreamed of having.

I’ve met and worked with multimillion followers strong ladies that have inspired me to pursue this career, and have been doing work for many international brands both as a retoucher and a photographer. My travels have taken me to over 30 countries, and some of the clients I work for are Opel, Helwett Packard, Terranova, LISCA, Ma P'tite Culotte, Rebel Athletic, The Luxe Lens, KILLSTAR, Wave Gotik Treffen, Belial Clothing, Blondy Fashion, Low and Heavy, to name a few.

What fuels my passions in photography to this day is the color work, color stylization and color contrast, something that you would easily spot in my work. Another strong point of what I can teach you is the perfected skin retouching workflow.

The skin retouching workflow I’ve developed is a product a many year long analysis of advantages and disadvantages of countless skin retouching techniques I’ve used and tested throughout various portrait photography genres. As my retouching workload is bountiful, and clients want no compromise in terms of quality, as years went by, I’ve came up with a couple of methods that are there to save my own and your time, yet give you the uncompromising result, adhering to all the non destructive retouch rules, that are the standard in the high end beauty retouch industry.

I am looking forward to meeting you, passing on some of my knowledge, and seeing your awesome work!

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