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Data Scientist, Mentor, and Trader

Jenny had always loved math, but she decided to pursue accounting in the first place. She has 10 years of experience in tax compliance and tax planning, her passion for math was reignited, and she went back to school to study mathematics and statistics.

Jenny believes that numbers help us understand the world, and a math-based approach helps us understand numbers because mathematics is essentially a way of thinking through any problem. We are surrounded by numbers, equations and algorithms – especially in this age of the digital world, data is the ammunition for the digital world.

She loves coding, data analysis, quantitative finance, and everything mathematical. Her specialty is finance / econometrics-related deep reinforcement learning and uses data analysis and machine learning to support the decision-making process.

More importantly than her love of code and math, she loves to make a difference and inspire. This is because citizens of the globe don’t always get to vote to either get in or stay out of this digital world — even when people are not actively participating in the digital world, they are passively being involved in it. Data about this world, and the algorithms that feed upon the data, are shaping our world in ways that are not always desirable to the passive participants.

Her goal with this signature course is to teach as many people as possible the vital skills of critical data thinking, data analysis and applied machine learning so that students can leverage these life-long skills to improve their lives.

Jenny has a law degree, studied Mathematics and Statistics, and is a CPA from Canada.

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