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Studi.Live is an Indian educational venture based in Mumbai. The founders of this portal are into education and technology domains since more than 20 years. Studi.Live currently offers online and live lectures for IITJEE and NEET preparation. The portal will eventually add courses for school students from 5th to 12th, Olympiads, Professional Courses, Commerce and Software Programming for all levels. The Studi.Live portal, as the name suggests, offers online live lectures in interactive mode. The site uses highly safe and secure WEBEX platform for online lectures. Unlike most of the other edtech portals, Studi.Live is a collaborative and activity-based platform which strives to conform to the New Education Policy by the Government of India. The Studi.Live portal has been created considering the student needs and how to keep them engaged in online studies. Online studies on any portal are known to create fatigue and drop-outs quickly. Hence, our portal has been designed to keep the students engaged in self activities on the portal – students can do offline activities and update on the portal. The Studi.Live portal offers HD videos on lightboard with lots of images and animation to make the concept engaging and simple to understand. Our objective has been to provide a one stop platform where students can view videos, read books, attempt tests, participate in discussion forums, create Wiki, and attend live lectures. Studi.Live provides round the clock 24×7 support via email and online chat to resolve technical issues which students may face and for subject matter doubts we have online sessions every week. Studi.Live has a huge repository of close to 50,000 minutes of recorded videos on lightboard, and digital board for anytime omnichannel view. More than 150 books in flip-format, more than 3 lakh questions, and hundreds of blogs to read from. What more, the Studi.Live portal has Level-up game where for every click and every keyboard stroke, students earn points (be it reading books, attempting tests, viewing videos, writing on forums, creating Wiki, or playing games) and compete to be on top of the ladder. By collecting level-up game points, students can go up to 10 levels and transform themselves from a learning NINJA to expert SAMURAI. We have open challenge to our students, if you collect more than 25,000 points on Studi.Live portal, you have a great chance to clear the IITJEE or NEET. Who else gives this promise? We know your potential and our strength.

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