Himanshu Maheshwari


Applications Developer Specialist

Real time experience on 10+ Salesforce Implementations in a span of 5 years in the SF industry varying from Sales Cloud, Health Cloud, Community Cloud based implementations also including support activities for Banking & Services, ETL, Data Migration & Integration. Certified Salesforce Application Developer with 5 certifications. Well versed on Lightning Aura Framework, Apex Classes & Triggers, OOTB configuration Acquainted with tools like Azure DevOps, JIRA, Bitbucket, SourceTree, VSCode, CLI Accustomed to AGILE methodology but also familiar with Waterfall models for both managed and unmanaged code development. Confident in my abilities and forte. Can lead & manage as well as contribute as a core developer to projects. Appreciate good work culture, progressive mentors cum leaders, employee motivation and good opportunities.

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