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Dr. Hicham Benjelloun received his PhD degree in Finance from University of North Texas in 2004. His PhD thesis investigated the important topic of stock market portfolio diversification. The recommendations of the thesis were recognized by many mutual fund managers as important and relevant to the industry. Since 1999 he has worked full time for universities in the USA, Asia, Africa, and Europe. He has taught topics such as investments, corporate finance and capital budgeting, international finance, portfolio management, financial markets and institutions, and Islamic finance in different parts of the world. Overall, he had the opportunity to address audiences in over twenty countries either as professor, trainer, conference speaker, or guest speaker. He has published papers in refereed international journals and chapters in edited books. His publications include topics such as portfolio diversification, financial markets efficiency, stock market predictability, Islamic finance, and education. While teaching and conducting academic research he had the opportunity to participate in projects involving universities, stock markets, brokers, and regulatory authorities. For instance, he was the lead investigator of two projects funded by Qatar Stock Exchange and Qatar Financial Market Authority. Dr. Hicham Benjelloun is also a trader who managed a Fund for two years. He is currently trading for his own account, advising other investors and managing a finance academy. His trading style revolves around good risk management and psychology.

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