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Mission:Depression Free World by Dr. Harish Rawat

Dr. Harish Rawat is an international Laughter Yoga Guru and Founder of Lot of Laughter Yoga Foundation in India; who engaged in conducting Laughter wellness sessions in different sections of society including school, colleges, corporate, slums, Police, defence, societies and even prison .More than 60 k people took beneficially from his sessions

Mission: Depression Free World and World peace by Laughter Yoga. For spreading this message, he has successfully registered his name in “Guinness Book of World Record” for Longest Laughter yoga marathon 36 hours 2 minute in 2018

Dr. Harish Rawat is Phd in alternative medicine, Masters in Pharmaceutical Bio tech, Bachelor in Pharmacy .Full Time working in TCS from last 16Years 

Research Paper: Dr. Harish Rawat had also published a research paper on Yoga “HOW SUDHARSHAN KRIYA HELPS TO REDUCE THE HABIT OF SMOKING AND MOTIVATE TO QUIT SMOKING”- International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

Author Of Book:

1) Laughter Therapy for Depression by Dr. Harish Rawat

2) The Magic of Laughter in positive affirmation by Dr. Harish Rawat

Dr. Harish Rawat’s Laughter yoga sessions are covered by various media platforms such as DD Sports National TV ,NDTV,Anjan TV (National TV),TEN News, MS TV, Gee News , Nav Bharat Times , TOI ,HT , News18 Hindi, Khabardaar TV ,Viral India ,Kalki News and Delhi Darpan news channel..

Best Regards

Dr. Harish Rawat

International Laughter Yoga Guru 😃

➡Founder :Lot Of Laughter Yoga Foundation 🇮🇳

➡International Associated Coordinator -Board Member of Yoga 🧘‍♀️Minstry Of Canada🇨🇦

➡Guinness Book of World Record Holder

➡Limca Book of World Record Holder

🟢-Mission:Depression Free World😃

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