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Experienced Mobile Developer, specialized in Mobile Machine Learning using Tensorflow lite, ML Kit, and Google cloud vision API. Leading Android Machine learning instructor with over 50,000 students from 150 countries.

I am an enthusiastic developer with a strong programming background and possess great app development skills. I have developed a bunch of native and cross-platform apps in the past and satisfied all of my clients. It has been +4 years doing Mobile development and providing support for Android Applications. Empowering mobile Applications using Machine Learning and Computer vision is my core skill.

Powering Android Application with ML really fascinates me. So I learned Android development and then Machine Learning. I developed Android applications for several multinational organizations. Now I want to spread the knowledge I have. I'm always thinking about how to make difficult concepts easy to understand, what kind of projects would make a fun tutorial, and how I can help you succeed through my courses.

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