Hi Guys!

I am Nisha Arora, an educator by heart, trainer by profession, a YouTuber, and a learner forever. My academic background and corporate training experience in data science facilitate me to communicate effectively with both freshers & experienced corporates.

I had a Ph.D. in Mathematics but no formal computer science background. I discovered my passion for data science in 2013, started my journey, and eventually left my professor job to enjoy the exciting field of data science & analytics. 

My goal is to make data science accessible for all, especially for those who have no prior coding background_ I can help them as I understand the struggles & pitfalls to avoid (I’ve been there).

And for those with no statistical background, I can certainly help them by giving statistical/mathematical concepts as and when required in the simplest form. One who knows the subject can explain it in simple terms.

Learning new skill sets excites me & I am fanatical about knowledge sharing by using interactive pedagogical tools. I love to interact with the students, enhance their participation and attainment, and more importantly create an improved learning environment.

I enjoy contributing to online research communities, delivering training/workshops/technical talks, and developing content in areas of my expertise [which includes education, effective teaching, effective googling, parenting tips, etc. apart from technical topics of Data Science].

My online profiles reverberate my passion for knowledge sharing & mentoring.  

You're welcome to connect/follow me on LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube or elsewhere.

Waiting to see you soon in my course(s) & in my network(s) too!

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