Dr Kevin Yap


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Digital Health Futurist, Healthcare Innovator, Cyberpharmacist Researcher

I am a digital health strategist and futurist, healthcare innovator and an inter-disciplinary cyber-pharmacist. My knowledge and skills stem from a healthcare background, complemented with knowledge in digital media creation, web databases, data mining and analytics. My interests span the whole digital healthcare innovation cycle from identifying the healthcare practice gap, through to the development, utilization, application and evaluation of informatics, internet, digital and other health-related technologies in various healthcare settings to enhance health-related outcomes and enhance patient safety. My work has been in the areas of e-databases and data mining, telehealth/telepharmacy and mobile health (mHealth), health data analytics and clinical prediction of adverse drug reactions, virtual reality and serious games, as well as technology integration and quality evaluations of healthcare innovations. I have over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 4 book chapters, 1 book and presented at more than 100 local and international conferences. My work has been featured in various media channels in Singapore and Australia. I am also honored to have received many awards for my research. I am on several journal editorial boards and an invited reviewer for over 30 international journals, conferences and grants.

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