Our courses have been developed by DevFluence, a professional software development school that is a division of Chillisoft. Chillisoft is an established software development house that is known for our high quality, software professionalism and our excellent delivery track record. Chillisoft set up DevFluence to share the pragmatic lessons that have we learned in writing and delivering software, whilst working with international software teams and businesses for more than 13 years. 

DevFluence’s vision is to make Software Professionalism a reality in the world of work. This is achieved by ensuring that our team and our offerings actively embody our vision statement – “the courage to create value for myself, my customers and my community.”

Our vision statement recognises that software competency is directly dependent on fulfilling an individual’s internal drivers of motivation. It also recognises the individual agency and voice of a software developer who has to deliver value within an existing culture. DevFluence recognises the courage of business and software developers who deliberately commit to instilling practices that enables continual learning for career growth.

All Our Instructors:

● Have a minimum of 10 years of solid software development experience 

● Are current software practitioners

● Are trained to teach, listen and communicate

● Are engaged in the software community