Danny Ballan


Educational Technology Specialist | Podcast Producer | Writer

I am an educational technology designer with an obsession with technology and how it can advance learning. I have had the opportunity to practice that as a teacher for over 10 years, and later design it for a global educational corporation to be used by schools all over the world for more than 6 years.

Teaching is my first passion and that is why I am here on Udemy. I have been especially keen, throughout my long years of teaching English both in schools and learning centers, to integrate technology in education as meaningfully and moderately as it should be.

I also write poetry and novels and I have published a few books so far. I also love playing with the electronic musical toys of mine, so I have composed some tunes I use as soundtracks for my books and sell online.

I work full-time from home, and with the great support of my wife and son, I have been able to pursue passions in life and make a living out of what I love. So here I am, I teach, I write, and I compose for life.