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Vice President I Corporate & Investment Banker

|||Welcome to the Corporate & Investment Banking Masterclass|||

*** Do you want to start a six-figure career in Corporate & Investment Banking at a bulge bracket global bank? ***

*** Are you looking to upgrade your current skills? ***

*** Are you looking to move into front office coverage roles? ***

Corporate & Investment Banking employees are amongst the highest paid and sought-after professionals in the world. The Six figure starting salaries make the finance industry one of the most lucrative for graduates at the same time being fiercely competitive. Why Banking you ask? – Deal Experience, financial/monetary benefits, fast track career progression, exposure to different sectors/industries, interaction with clients at the C suite level (CEO/CFO), development of multi-faceted product expertise, international travel & upskilling/reskilling opportunities – are just some of the benefits of a career in finance. The Courses are designed at a Beginner (what you would normally expect to experience at any standardized Management Trainee Level program of a top tier Multinational bank), Intermediate (Mid Management level courses designed to be more complex and structured) and Advanced level (Advanced level courses for C Suite Level and product experts).

Topics to be covered, under the full gamut of Corporate & Investment Banking Umbrella, include - Corporate finance, Risk, Financial Accounting, Trade Finance, M&A, Investment Banking, Project Finance, etc. amongst many others. What makes these courses distinct from the rest of the Banking & Finance courses out there? - These courses are more hands on, pre-scripted, engaging, real world and less theoretical. So, enroll today to the most comprehensive Banking & Finance Masterclass!

Danial is a Senior Corporate & Investment Banker with over 18+ years’ (and counting) experience having previously worked with bulge bracket firms like American Express, Citibank & SAMBA in different roles within the Corporate & Investment Banking Group. He has advised hundreds of large corporations, multi-nationals, financial institutions and sovereign’s covering finance strategy, fund raising, M&A’s, etc... and has successfully led, executed and closed large ticket deals & marquee mandates. His primary responsibility as a coverage officer is in the areas of revenue generation, deal origination, execution and distribution, structuring, solicitation and cross selling a full suite of banking products to an active portfolio of clients consisting of blue chip multi nationals, top tier local corporates, commercial banking, small & medium enterprises, public sector sovereign entities, multi laterals and financial institutions.

Over the course of his career, he has managed a total of 50+ deals with notional value of US$ 300 Million+ in the following key sectors such as Oil & gas, Power, Aviation, Telecoms, Technology, Fertilizer, Steel, Cement, etc....

Danial has an MBA in Finance.

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