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Hello, I'm Dan

I'm an expert trader in stock exchange markets for over 20 years.
My expertise is in the option markets. I have traded in several markets around the world and gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I have seen it all in the markets.
I worked for international trading companies and hedge funds and now I'm managing my own clients.

I have studied Economics specializing in finance and Data Science

I have written a book for professional traders on the subject of how to trade the right way in Variable standard deviations

I am also working (part time) as a partner in a algorithm company who develops and analyzes automatic trading at the derivative markets. Quant Trading and Hft trading.

I'm here to help you know and understand how to trade right and avoid losing money in this field.

I definitely do not promise you any profits or income, but I'll give you all I know that you wont make mistakes and lose money.
But If you will be patient and study well then you will have better chances to succeed!  

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