Craig Kenneth Kaercher


Programmer And Teacher For Over 35 Years

Hello!  My name is Craig Kaercher and I have been a programmer since 1985.  My work has mostly been done on IBM mainframes using COBOL, DB2, JCL, CICS, VSAM, Easytrieve, and various other software utilities.  Along the way I have worked in Oracle and SQL Server.  I have worked in Java, JavaScript, HTML, C#, and various other languages.  Around 2000 I earned my Masters and began teaching at colleges local to me, which is Detroit, MI.  I have taught at four different colleges.  The classes I have taught are Java I/II, C++ I/II, C# I/II, Visual Basic I/II, SQL, Access I/II, Word I/II, Excel I/II, PowerPoint, Database Theory and Administration, and Python.  I love to program and I love to teach.

Outside of teaching I am married and have three daughters.  I used to play a lot of sports but liked softball, basketball, and ice hockey best.  Ever since I saw my first Bruce Lee movie I have been a martial arts fan and practitioner, although I have never really been able to devote myself to it as I would like.  If I had the chance, I would take up judo or BJJ.  

That's pretty much all about me.  I take pride in my classes.  My students learn everything they should plus more.  I sincerely hope you join and enjoy one.  Thank You.