Cloud Passion


I'm a Software Engineer by profession, but an Entrepreneur (Intrapreneur) by passion.

I love learning, and learning for everything around.

I've been blessed with some great motivators and entrepreneurs who have helped me learn about the key business skills and mentored me to dwell like one.

My one single aim is to create a magical change for the society with my acquired skills putting up enormous effort to do it.

My work at every stage of life, be it be my school, my intern company or my present company, have helped me master myself for my core skills.

I would love to have a Service Industry start-up for myself and this has been a constant target for me

Technical Skill Set :


• Containerization :- Docker , Kubernetes ,OpenShift, Helm

• CI Tool :- Jenkins , Hudson ,AutoScaling

IAAS --> Terraform/Ansible/Chef

• Cloud Technologies : AWS ,Azure , EC2 , S3 ,VPC , IAM , Route 53 , CloudFront , CloudTrail, CloudWatch ,ELB,EBS , Cloud Formation ,SNS ,SES ,AWS Lambda

• Repository Tool :- Perforce,Git, Bitbucket

• Automation tools :- WebDriver,TestComplete, Appium, Jmeter, RestAssured , SOAP UI , Mocha Chai , NighWatch , Protractor.

• Database :- Oracle,CouchBase, mySQL, postgresql, elasticsearch, DB 2

• Framework :- TestNG, JUnit,Cucumber, Rspec, RestAssured , HTTP client, Modular/Hybrid framework for Test Automation

• Tools :- NewRelic, RubyMine, Eclipse, Intellij Idea, CodeCollab, sublimetext

• Reporting tools :- Oracle BI, #Zeplin , Kibana , Prometheus , CloudWatch

• Build tool :- Maven, ANT

• Design Patterns :- POM , Singleton

• Language :- Core JAVA, RUBY, JavaScript , Python

• Defect tracking tools :- JIRA, Rally, TeamTrack, Bugzilla, Test Link, TestRail , QC