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Cyber Security Engineer and a Bug Bounty Hunter

I am a passionate cyber security engineer, network administrator, CTF player, and Bug Bounty Hunter, driven by a profound fascination for ethical hacking.

Cyber security is not merely a profession to me; it is a genuine passion that fuels my dedication.

The significance of cyber security cannot be emphasized enough.

In our interconnected world, where nearly every aspect of our lives relies on technology, the consequences of cyber threats can be catastrophic.

Cyber attacks have the potential to result in financial losses, reputational harm, and significant disruptions to businesses and critical infrastructures.

As an instructor, my primary goal is to equip individuals with the indispensable skills of Ethical Hacking, laying a solid foundation for them to pursue a successful career in this field.

In this ever-changing landscape of cyber security, I aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Ethical Hacking principles and techniques.

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