Atul Kadlag


Passionate for sharing Knowledge

Having worked for more than 14 years in the IT industry on various projects in a multinational organization for clients across the globe.

With rapidly changing technologies, I have always adopted new technologies.

Having started my professional career with Java technologies, I have worked on many technologies in Business Intelligence technologies.

Over the 14 years I have worked on the below tools:

- Java  ( Enterprise development)

BI Technologies

- WebFocus

- SAP Business Objects Reporting  (BI)

- SAP Design Studio (BI)

- SAP Lumira Designer (BI)

- SAP Analytics Cloud (BI)

- Microsoft Power BI Desktop/Microsoft Power BI Pro

ETL Technologies

            - Microsoft SQL Server Integration Service(SSIS)

            - SAP BusinessObjects Data Services(BODS)

            - Pentaho


Having been a quick learner of new technologies and passionate about working in these technologies I have always believed in sharing knowledge. 

Sharing knowledge is one thing that gives immense satisfaction to me, that is why I started a Youtube channel ('Atul Kadlag') where I have been sharing my technical knowledge for more than 5 years now.